Flask-SQLAlchemy-Booster is a collection of enhancements to the Flask-SQLAlchemy library.

It replaces the Model class with a subclass that adds
  1. Additional querying methods and
  2. Easily configurable todict methods and tojson methods for serializing objects.

It also provides some decorators and utility functions which can be used to easily generate JSON responses.


  • Fully compatible with code written for Flask-SQLAlchemy. It will just transparently replace it with additional features.

  • Simple api for most common querying operations:

    >>> user = User.first()
    >>> user2 = User.last()
    >>> newcust = Customer.find_or_create(name="Alex", age=21, email="al@h.com")
  • JSON response functions which can be dynamically configured via the GET request params allowing you to do things like:

    GET /api/customers?city~=Del&expand=shipments.country,user&sort=desc&limit=5

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